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My name is Travis Fischer - I'm the guy behind Notion2Site. I'm an entrepreneur and software developer living in Brooklyn, New York. Most of my time is spent working on Saasify, a Shopify for SaaS platform, which is what I used to build Notion2Site.
I love Notion and have been using it to organize all of my work and research for quite awhile now. Along with Coda and Roam, these new tools provide a powerful collaborative editing experience for organizing all sorts of notes, team meetings, wikis, product research, and plans.
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The main problem that I keep running into with these platforms is that they're not really built with publishing in mind. They provide an excellent editing and collaboration experience that's great for creating and organizing content, but realistically you have to switch to another platform like Wordpress, Medium, Ghost, or Substack if you want to publish that content publicly to your audience.
Sure, you can share your docs publicly with Notion which is great for quick one-off use cases, but the user experience and SEO are both horribly slow and bloated.
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So I decided to do something about it. I started working on Notion2Site with the goal of building the world's fastest solution for hosting Notion content on custom domains. I got in touch with the guys behind react-notion (Tobias and Timo Lins) and started collaborating with them on what would eventually become Notion2Site.
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There are some other similar solutions on the market, but they take a much more naive approach to hosting that we were able to drastically improve upon by rendering your Notion content with incremental static site generation (ISSG) via React and Next.js.
See our FAQ and hosting comparison if you're interested in the details, but the takeaway is that Notion2Site is 10-100x faster than other solutions! 🔥
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This is just the beginning for Notion2Site — I have a lot of fun things planned for this product, including a bunch of nifty features, custom themes, and launching various growth hacking tools powered by Notion. 💯
Cheers 😊
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