Notion2Site Docs/

Core Product

  • Add full support to react-notion for collection views
    • Table view
    • Gallery view
    • List view
  • Remember scroll position during navigation across a single session
  • Add support for email capture forms
  • Improve lighthouse scores to 100% across the board
    • (not counting third-party embeds which we don't control)
  • Add support for emoji favicons
  • Add support for fathom analytics on customer sites
  • Add "powered by" footer depending on which plan a user is on
  • Add support for site-wide bird's eye view (sitemap)
  • Add support for on-page scrollspy ToC type navigation
  • Add default social image generation via puppeteer
  • Improve URL pathnames to include a more user-friendly slug mapping
  • Add support for themes
  • Add support for hosting private notion pages
    • Will likely require access to the official Notion API and OAuth
  • Add demo where users can quickly see how things will look for their public notion pages


  • Example site:
  • Example site:
  • Example site:
  • Example site:
  • Example site for notion support docs
  • Initial blog post


  • Launch MVP to personal network & beta testers
  • PH Launch

Have a feature you want to see prioritized on our roadmap? Or maybe you have some feedback about our product in general? Feel free to get in touch — 😊