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Notion2Site Docs
Transform your Notion pages into beautifully simple websites.
This website is built using notion + notion2site. This amazing combination gives us the power to build quality websites without writing a single line of code.
And the best part is that these sites are blazing fast! 🔥
Page load times are a really important factor both for SEO and in order to ensure a smooth browsing experience for your users. We've implemented our own open source Notion renderer based on React and Next.js that circumvents Notion's normal hosting in order to render and cache your Notion pages directly via a global CDN, all while keeping updates from Notion in sync...
What does this all mean?
This means that we give you the best possible combination of both worlds.
  • Use Notion as a world class CMS for editing your content 🥰
  • Use Notion2Site as a world class hosting solution for publishing your content 💪

Go ahead — try viewing this site in Notion. You'll notice that it loads significantly slower (especially on mobile). Our hosting comparison provides a more detailed look at how this affects Google Lighthouse performance, usability, and SEO.


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Coming soon: showcase of example websites. Send us an email ( with a link to your site, and we'd be glad to add it to our showcase. 😊

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